Crazy Taxi 1

We use the taxi get to where we want to be, but it is not a free ride as we would need to pay for the distance we traveled. Of course, you don’t want to ride it a lot since the fee is high and you would not be able to afford it, if you have limited money. A taxi would be a great option for you to travel if you are from another country and you need to explore the country. You don’t need to buy a car and you have your own driver to take you wherever you want to go.

However, in this game, a taxi is not meant for just exploring the country, it is use in a race, which you won’t find in any country you are in. The idea here is to get to as far as you can. It means that it is almost never ending as long as you have time. There is a time limit and you can only get additional time if you are able to reach the finish line on time. Since this is a continuous game, you can’t stop anytime. You need to drive and drive till the game is over.

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