Taxi Express Game

You need money, but everyone needs that too. You need to work hard to earn money in this world. Everybody is doing it and if you won’t then you don’t have money to buy anything. That is a problem that all of us must face in this life as no one would work for us. We need to be diligent to feed ourselves. You got lucky to get hired as a taxi driver and now, you don’t need to worry about the money since you would be earning it. You just need to work hard and all you need can be bought.

The in this game is to make sure that you reach the finish line. Try not to any of our time as it is very important. Your passenger need to get to their destination as fast s they can. Drive as fast as you can and try not to hurt your passenger while driving. Your passenger would get hurt if you drive too fast and end up bumping anything in the process. The driveway is rough and you need to be careful as much as possible. The game gets harder and much more complicated as you make some progress. Be sure to be careful while driving.

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