Sim Taxi 3 GAme

You just got to the city and you need a job. Fortunately, you made a friend and one of them got this taxi company. He is too old and most of his taxi has been sold out because, he can’t pay for it anymore. There was this last taxi, but he needs a driver that he can trust. You just got hired as a taxi driver and now, you need to make some money for you and your boss. This won’t be an easy job, but nothing in this world is easy. The guy explains it all to you and soon, you are making money on the road.

In this game, you make money by going to where your passenger wants you to go. Of course, they would pay you after that. However, you need to drive carefully as an accident would call in the cops and you would see yourself on the run if you are not careful. Those cops can be pesky, so try to drive with care in mind. You would need to pick some passengers and try to deliver them to their destination safely. The game would get harder as you make some progress, but that is where the challenge is.

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