Ace Taxi Metroville

Your friend called you since he have a job for you. The time is just right as you are searching for a job. Your friend owns a few taxi line and one of his lined has been vacant for quite a time. He asked you if you can fill in for him. This is a fair deal since he told you that you would get a fifty share of whatever you earn. Of course, he would keep the other as an owner. You accepted it and soon you are on the road looking for passengers. This is a descent way to earn money and help your friend at the same time.

In this game, the idea is to make money. You can do that if you pick lots pf passengers. You need to drop them to their destination to make money. Don't forget to look at the gas meter since you can't drive if their are no gas. You might get a few bump every now and then, so a trip to the repair shop is necessary. The game gets more exciting as you make some progress, so you need the money for the expenses that you got.

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