Air Taxi Jigsaw

You just got out of college and finding a job is not easy as almost everyone is looking for it. Fortunately, you know how to drive; well, at least, that counts for something. You finally land a job as driver, but you aren't going to drive any car, but an air taxi. They hired you even though, you don't know how to drive the plane. They want to teach you and since you don't know anything, you are willing to learn. That is what is important for them. The willingness to learn goes a long way.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to put all the puzzle pieces back together. There are three different difficulties here and you need to make sure that put them back together as fast as you can. Well, at least, before the time is over. You would only have a few minutes to do that. You need to remember the pieces because it need to be shuffled to start the game. You can do it all over again if you want to, but if you want more challenges then you should try other difficulty settings. But, if you don't like to feel pressure then you can remove the time.

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