Taxi Trip Game

In this world, we need to make money since money is used in almost anything that we does. However, earning it is not that easy since everyone wants it. You need to do something in exchange for money. It just means that you would need a job to get some money to pay for everything. Finding a job is hard, so you need not to be choosy when it comes to job. As such, you know how to drive and you got hired by a taxi company. They don't pay you since you get money from the passengers and you need to pay the company daily.

The idea in this game is to park it safely. Take note that there would be a train passing by in every level and you need to avoid it since that would cause your taxi to get crashed almost instantly. Your time is recorded in this game. Try not to crash through anything on the game since that would damage your car. There is no time limit in this game, even though, there is a timer. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.

Are you ready on a taxi trip?

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