SIM Taxi Driving School

You come from a long line of taxi drivers since most of your family has been a taxi driver since your grandfather. However, you can't get a taxi license just because of that. Somehow, you need to pass the license exam to prove that you are worthy to drive a taxi. Remember that the path to greatness is not easy and this license exam won't certainly be easy. You need to give it all or you would surely make a mistake and that is something that you can't do when there is someone watching you. Your back is against the wall and there is no turning back. For you, everything is on the line in this exam.

In this game, you need to pass the licensing exam. No, this won't be easy like all the other driving games you have played before. the controls aren't easy to master and would give you a sweat. Time is not on your side since the clock is ticking when you start the game. If your time is over and you haven't done with your test then you failed the game. Of course, you would also fail the game if you crash your taxi.

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