Wiggi Taxi Game

Life is not that as you need to earn money to make a living. it is not always that you are able to find a job, so it would help if you know how to drive. At least, you can make money from driving a taxi. You just need to drive around the city and you would surely find some willing passengers that would pay you if you are able to help them go to their destination. Of course, it would be better if you can send them off to their destination as early as possible since they would have lots of times to do what they want.

In this game, you need to drive around the city and look for some passengers. Don't worry as you wold know where to drive since an arrow would help you to locate them. Once, you found a passenger, you would need to send them to wherever they want to go and you would earn money. There are times, wherein there would be more passengers and you just need to find them in the bi city. Of course, you would get paid handsomely with that. The game gets more exciting as you drive around the city.

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