Taxi Rush - game

Everyone who are in the city knows one thing, time is money and they aren’t going to waste their time talking to strangers. Most of these guys came from the province and they would want to earn money for their family. These guys are very busy and would not want o waste their time. As a taxi driver, this is your chance to make lots of money since busy people want to get to their destination fast. The faster you are to get to their destination, the ,more time you would have to make money. This is a such pretty good deal for you.

In this game, you are going to drive a taxi on the busy street with lots of other cars around you. You don’t want an accident since that would damage your taxi and might send your taxi to the repair shop. This means that you won’t get to your destination. There are several icons that you might want to watch for since they can help you get to your destination a lot faster or maybe much more safer. The game would be a lot harder and probably be much more difficult for you to finish as you make some progress.

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