NY Taxi Parking Game

A taxi driver makes money from the passengers that he have help to get to his destination. NY is one of the most busiest place in the world, thus, you wold earn more if you are a taxi driver. Your passenger need to get to their destination fast. The faster you can send them to their destination, the more passenger you would have. There are lots of people in one of the busiest place in the world. That means that there would be lots of people that would want to get to their destination. Most of these people don't have cars since that cost a lot of money.

In this game, you would need to park your car as fast as you can since there is a timer that you need to beat. If you run out of time then you fail. You would need to play it again if you want to if you want to get to the next level. Make sure, you pass this time. Next time won't be easy as this shows how hard this game truly is. If you think that you are good enough to park a car then think again because this game isn't like the other parking game.

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