Sim Taxi Amsterdam

You just arrive in Amsterdam and you need some money. You can't be choosy with jobs especially since you are not that well skilled. You have search for a job for a month now with no cigars. One day, you got a call and you are happy to accept it. When you arrive at the site, you are eager to start as a taxi driver to start saving. Since you are an illegal immigrant, cops would try to catch and make you pay some fee. You can't do anything about that, since this is not your country. You should stay focus and be on the lookout for some passengers along the road.

In this game, you need to send the passengers to their destination to make some cash. However, you won't earn much if you endanger their lives as you bump into other cars. In each level, you would need to earn the cash indicated. You need to drive in the busy city and look for some passengers. Each moment that you lose makes you lose potential cash. If you see some cops, try to stay away from them since you would need to pay some fee. Of course, the game gets harder as you make some progress.

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