Taxi Express 1

Life is not fair as you are born to a poor family. You were not able to go to school when you are young. Now, that you are older, it is almost impossible to look for a job. You are fortunate enough to become a taxi driver since you have a car license. If you are going to make some trouble then you would surely starve to death. This is a cruel world, but life would not be cruel as long as you are industrious and stays out of trouble. Those guys, who are looking for troubles can't live long since others would be on their tails.

In this game, you need to deliver your passengers to their destination as fast as you can. Of course, you need to observe the traffic rules in each area. You would get into trouble if don't do that. Try to stop when the lights are red and go when it is green. Try to keep your passenger safe or you won't get paid at the end. The challenge here is to deliver the passenger safely, so better not get your passenger in danger or they would be piss-off and you can bet on it that they won't pay and the game would be over.

Are you ready for the traffic

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