Crazy Taxi 2

In a crazy world like this one, sometimes we need to be crazy too to be able to blend with society. We need to do that since we need to make friends with them before we can have a work. As a taxi driver, you need to act crazy to blend in with some crazy people and show that you are among them. If you have proven that you are among them then they would live you alone and let you work in their territory. That is the best thing that you could do to make a living in this crazy world.

In this game, you need to reach the finish line. you don't have enough time, but you would get some extensions every time you reach your destination. There are lots of car on the road and you can either jump up ahead or go sideways to avoid the cars from hitting you. Every time, you hit a car, it would drive you backward and you that would waste your time. You only have a few seconds to waste in this game and you need to reach your destination before the time expires. The game gets much more difficult as you make some progress.

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