Village Car Race

A village only held an event once in a while since it cost money and that is something most people in the area lacks. They don’t earn much like in the big city, but they are friendlier compared to the people in the city. When they have an event, they really prepare for it and as such they hold a feast throughout the village. They invite people in their homes and have them sit on their table. There are times when they hold a race and those that have a car joins in the fun. Whoever wins the money; though, it is not that huge, but they are treated like heroes.

In this game, you would compete in a race. Naturally you need to win the race in order for you to get to the next level. Winning the race in the first few levels is a snap and you don’t have to sweat, but the game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress. You would need to upgrade your vehicle or if possible buy a new one to prepare for the upcoming races. There are several coins that you can pick up while you are racing and that is how you gain money. Aside from the coins, there are also fuel that you can use to speed up things.

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