Road of the Dead

Reports of the dead coming back to life have been rampant and the governments are alarmed over it. You were working on your car that day and you heard the radio commentator that the borders have been shut down. You try listening to another station and she announces that martial law has been declared. Those who go out on the street are shut to death. You heard the gun shot outside and you learn that there are zombies around. You try to finish your car since that is what you are going to use to escape the town.

The idea here is to escape the town, but that would be a long one. Anyway, there are several modes that you can play in this game, but you can’t unlock them unless you finish the first one. You need to go out there and drive your car as far as you can. The undead would be all over the road as you try to escape. However, zombies are the least off your worries since there are lots of vehicles parked on the road that you need to avoid. On top of that, you would be fired at while you drive on the road.

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