SIM Taxi London Game

You recently arrive in London. Sad to say, you are all dry up and you have no money to spare. You badly needed a job since your money can’t last a week. You have a place to stay for now, but that won’t last long if you aren’t able to find a job. You look for a job and manage to find one as a taxi driver. Like any job, you need to work hard for anything. You better look for a lot of passengers since you are paid for each one. Of course, you need to pay the taxi company and the gas.

In this game, you need to drive and look around to be able to find passengers. The idea here is to deliver the passengers to their destination as fast as you could. You need to secure their safety, so you need to avoid any collision with anything along the way. Drive with safety in mind and deliver the passengers to their destination. You would earn money based on how fast and how safe you are able to deliver the passengers to their destination. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress. Better sure that you can do what is needed to be done.

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