Earn to Die Superwheels

When the undead rises from the grave, you know that you need to get away, so have driven yourself far away. You landed in the desert and you are very happy at first since there are only a few of those undead. But, you forgot one thing, you are not a survivalist and you can’t live in the desert. After a few days of scouting the area, you found an abandoned Helicopter and you know that it is your ticket away from this place. You need to get there somehow, but there are still a few problems as you would need to get through those undead near it.

You would start with just a few money and you need it to buy yourself a car. Your objective is to get to the destined place. You get money as you move closer to it. You get some bonus for hitting zombies at top speed, but you can’t always count on that since that would be hard. You need to upgrade your car or better yet, you need to buy yourself a new vehicle. You won’t make some progress if you are not going to buy a new vehicle. You would need it to finish this game.

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