3D Taxi Racing Game

Everyone wants to make money and you could make money if you are industrious. In a world that wherein we can get what we want if we have money, we need to work hard to be able to get what we want. Needless to say, we need to work hard for it and you need a regular job to get what you want. Of course, a job is not that easy to get. If you have one, then you should make sure that you would keep it. As someone who doesn’t even graduated, finding a job is not easy and you are lucky enough to get accepted as a taxi driver.

Taxis are made for delivering people to where they want to go. However, in this game, you won’t be doing that since this is a race. The idea here is to win the race. There are three different modes in this game; time trial, single race and career mode. Before you can start the game, you would need to choose the difficulty of the game. This is a race, so you need to be the first one to arrive at the finish line. You can use the booster lane, but a grease pit would slow you down.

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