Road of Fury 2

Last time, you are able to escape death as you are the last one that escape your group from those raging road hogs. These guy are marauders and are taking whatever they want. They don’t care, who is it, but all they want is to take everything. They feel that everyone owes them something. You have not only escape death, but have taken one of the marauders car. It’s been three months and now, you are cruising along the highway thinking of how good your car is, but then the marauders have caught up to you. Fortunately, you are not alone anymore as you have found two more of your kind and they help you fight the marauders since all of you have the same enemy.

The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. The idea here is to get as much mileage as the enemies would be gaming up on you. You would earn money form the distance you traveled, sometimes, you would earn money from destroying enemy vehicles. You can get additional money floating around, sometimes, it is a repair kit or something that would fill your especial power. Either which, all of those can help you get further mileage.

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