Taxi Driving School

Getting a job is hard, so the moment that you found job, you need to do all the things to keep it. Even if that means that you would need to take the exam. In your case, you need a driving exam because you don’t have a license yet to be able to drive a taxi. You just recently been hired as a taxi driver, but the problem is that you can’t get the taxi our since you don’t have a license yet. The owner told you to get a license first before taking his cab for a ride around the city.

In this game, you need to follow the instructions carefully as you would end up injuring yourself. Actually, you won’t get injured for not following since this is just a game, but you would need to follow it to go further in the game. The idea in this game is to get the license and you would need to follow the instructor to be able to drive your car out on the road. You would see a pattern leading you to where you should be at. All you need is to follow that sign and you would be on your way to the next level.

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