Park My Limo

Celebrities can't have a regular car or can't ride a taxi since they are too popular. Fans would go crazy over them, the moment that they see the celebrities. Fortunately, they earn so much that they were able to afford a limo for their transport service. A Limo is expensive and only a few can enjoy it and most of this guys belongs to the rich and famous. Most Celebrities makes ton of money and they belong to the rich and famous. They got lot of movies and concerts to make money from. Justine Bieber or any celebrity would be able to buy their own limo since they make money from their movie or concerts.

In this game, you would see a lot of celebrities and they would ask you to park their limo. You do need to understand that you should be careful while driving since you might put a dent on the limo. You would be able parking a regular car, but since the limo is much bigger, you would have a harder time compare to that of a regular car. There is a timer and you need to park all the cars within the timeframe. The game becomes better and better as the number of cars increases as you make some progress.

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