Desktop Racing 2 Game

The office is a quiet place wherein you need to concentrate on your work. You are getting paid to do your job, so you need to be serious. But, they say that too much work would make a dull boy. So, you decide to brought your old toy car and it is has been a habit playing the old toy during launch time. One day, your officemates find out that you are playing and they joined you. Next day, they brought their old toy cars to play with you during launch break. You might not a boy now, but, at least, you would get to relive your childhood for a short while.

The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can or get there before your time expires . But, that is not all to it as there are other accomplishments that you need to consider to earn more money. While playing the game, you would notice that there are a lot of coins in the area. Grab as many as you can since you would be needing it somehow. You can use it to upgrade or buy a new car.

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