NY Taxi Parking

In these days, you need to be practical and just apply for the surest way to make money, you don’t need to be among the best in the market as there are lots of ways to do it. A corporate attire might look good on you, but it doesn’t mean that you would get paid well. Perhaps it would be better if you can just wear something comfortable while working at the same time. You can just wear your old shoe and your old clothes to explore the city in your cab to make money on the spot. Your passengers would be the one paying you to get them to where they want to be.

In this game, you can do just that, but none of the money things since this game doesn’t’ focus on that aspect. Your objective is to park your cab and that doesn’t involve any time constraint on your part. Actually, you don’t’ even need a passenger in this game as the whole idea of this game is to park your cab in the parking space. The game gets harder and challenging as you make some progress in this game. Are you ready for this game?

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