Carbon Auto Theft

You are once one of the most premier carnaper in the country, but as times goes by, your skills are not getting polished since you have been living a straight life. When one of your old client calls you out, telling you the orders that he needed you to fulfill. You know that this is the answer to your prayers as your business going good. You thought about forgetting your past, but now that your family is suffering from your business endeavor attempt, you can't ignore a request from one of your old clients. You need to fulfill it and you know that it would help your business to rise up again.

The game is played with your keyboard as you need to use it to enter the code and to drive the car to get away. You need to do it in a hurry while making sure that you enter the code correctly. A mistake on your part would immediately alert the cops nearby and would result for you to be sent to jail. The idea here is to make sure that you are able to escape with the stolen vehicle. Each level would be different from the last.

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