Car Line

Owning a car means that you need to be responsible sine you are the being held responsible if ever there is a car accident involving your car. Of course, you wouldn't want this and therefore, you would stay away from such. But, an accident is something that we don't expect and the best way to avoid it is to become good at driving. That is all we can do and we could pray that an accident would never happen to us. Of course, a driving skill would help us since we would know what to do, thus, reducing the chance of an accident from happening.

In this game, you need to draw a line because that would the pattern of to where your car would be heading. You need to draw exactly the route of your car as that would determine if your car can safely park in the parking area or not. If you draw too far from the area then you would fail. There are no time limit on when you are able to draw the correct line. When you are able to park successfully then only that time that you would be able to get to the next level. Of course, it would be much harder and challenging than before.

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