Bombay Taxi

Pakya is a law abiding citizen and as such, he would never dream of having a problem with law. He pays his taxes well and he recognize the law. He would never violate any rules on the road and would pay the necessary fee when charge. However, Pakya is not the only driver on the road as there are countless people on the road with their own car. Pakya learns that he need to make sure that he would not hit a single thing while trying to park his taxi, since he would need to pay for that or worse, he might get arrested.

IN this game, the idea is to carefully park your car. You need to make sure that you are parking the taxi right and not hit anything while you are trying to park. If you hit anything while attempting to park then the game is over. There are no life bar in this game as you need to do everything right the first time as there are no game after you make a mistake. The game is played with a keyboard and you need to do whatever you need to do as fast as you can since there is a timer. The timer won’t stop even if there is a new level. It just continues on with the game.

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