Wheely 7: Detective

When Wheely found something that was stolen, he drove to the nearest police station to return it. The owner was so thankful that he gave him the prize for returning it. Eventually, that made Wheely think that he should go out on a detective jobs since had done it already and also the money to be made in such is good. So, he went on to the nearest station and stared at the wanted poster. Making sure that he remembers the face of those, who are in the wanted list. He knows that there is a good amount of money that he can made from this work if he is able to help the cops catch the bad guys, but there is also the risk since those guys are highly dangerous.

In this game, you would need to do some detective works. You can play this game with your mouse and the idea here is to find some clues leading to the criminals. This won’t be easy since you would need to look foremost everything and in the past, none of the older version have been easy. You need to use your brain to solve the puzzle and every level here has some puzzle that you need to solve one at a time.

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