Awesome Car

Finding a job is hard and it would take some time before you can find one, so better not be choosy and just settle for the one that is within your reach. In your case, as a car a race driver. Not everyone could drive a race car since it would need someone with a reaction time to match the car. If you want to develop that, it would take some time and that is why; car owners would rather hire someone to do it for them then to develop the skill to drive the race car. Luckily for you, since you don’t have a job right now and they are looking for a driver.

In this game, you can’t control the sped of your car since the brake is not available. It would run on its own and the idea here is to try to go further in the game. Each mile you went adds some cash to your pocket. Other ways to get some cash is by picking it on the race track. The race track is not smooth since it have lots of mountain that makes it harder. With the money that you are able to earn, you need to buy some upgrades, so your performance would be better than the last time.

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