Monkey Taxi

Arthur the Monkey wants to earn a clan living, so he drove his taxi around the city to pick some passengers and let them on their way to their destination. The problem is that he is a chimpanzee driving a cab. Cops would not let a monkey to drive a taxi since they think that Arthur couldn’t handle it. Also, the fact that he is driving very fast most of the time, he would be endangering the life of his passenger is he continue on with his ways. However, Arthur doesn’t know other ways to make money as he never attended school since no one would teach a monkey on any school.

In this game, the idea is to find your passenger and send them to their destination. Locating the passenger won’t be a problem since you can already see it on the screen waiting for you. The problem lies with the patrolling cops in the area. They would arrest you, if they see you. You need to avoid them at all cost. Of course, you would need to drive the passenger to the destination point and look for other passengers till there are none. This game has a timer, so you need to speed things up.

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