Mario Hit the Road

Mario has gone through a lot of bad times and he have proven that he can do the job, no matter what it is. Through, most of the times, it has something to do with kicking butts, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy other things than doing that. When he beat King Kuppa and Bowser, the Mushroom Kingdom was a lot safer, wherein people are free to do whatever they want. Since then, the Kingdom has seen progress, which they never enjoyed for a long time and now that they have that peace, the people can concentrate on whatever they want. Mario didn’t know what to do till he finds out that there is a race being held quarterly and he wants to take part of it. He bought his own racing car and prepare for the said tournament.

In this game, there are no enemies to bounce on or blast with the fireball. The idea here is to drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. There are no competition in this game since you would be alone while driving in the game, which means that you have the road for yourself.

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