Sim Taxi Londonn

One of the most beautiful place wherein you could have a good time day tripping is in London because they got the best sceneries around. People would greet you as they walk by, they have such wonderful attitude that you are going to think of staying. However, the cost of living in London is very high and you would need to work more than you ever did if you want to stay there. That is the reality and that what our hero just found out as he decide to live there. Finding a job is not an easy job since there are a lot of competition. Fortunately, he was a taxi before back in his countries and he have put it to good use.

In this game, the idea is to pick some passengers and then to send them to their destination. You would earn money from doing that and you can use the money to buy some upgrade for your taxi. AS you upgrade your taxi, your chances of getting a passenger becomes better since you can charge higher and you can reach the destination faster. As you make some progress and made it to the next level, you can expect that the game gets much more exciting.

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