Crash N Smash Derby Game

It is really hard to have a job to support yourself and it is gets even harder when you need to support others. Most of the time, you would need to do extra jobs just to get by. However, for a derby racer such as yourself, money is no problem since the prize money is high and all you need is to beat the rest of the participants. Of course, you need to understand that this comes with a high prize. You need to upgrade your car a lot of times and you would probably need lots of repair job. Don‘t forget to get a better car when you have enough money. That is the only way that you could get ahead of the competition.

In this game, you need to destroy other cars in order for you to make some money. Of course, you don’t understand that you would need to make sure that they can’t do you harm as you would not win the game that way. If you manage to damage some cars then you would gain money. As you do it more, then you would gain more money. You can use the money to buy some upgrades.

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