Parking Fury

Finding a job is not that easy as almost everyone you know of, wants a job to be able to feed not only themselves, but their family, as well. You have been out of the job for more than a month and your money stocked is almost low. At this rate, you won’t have enough money to feed even yourself and you have a family that you need to take care. You applied for one job after another and things aren’t looking great since you need the job fast. Fortunately, a friend of yours recommend you to their company boss. So, to say, you got hired that day and you went on to do your job as a valet.

This game is all about parking and it didn’t even has a backend story, so you need to concentrate on your driving and pick up the pace. No, time is not under restriction, but the general idea here is to send those cars to where they belong, which means that you need to drive it and park it to the desired location, which is a pretty simple instruction. However, if you are not going to drive with care then then an accident is bound to happen, which means that the game would end and you can’t complete the game. That would be the point, wherein you lose to the game.

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