Park This Car

You might think that parking a car is a piece of cake since you have been seeing lots of people parking their car without any hassle. However, that is a dangerous way of thinking since you are going to be careless and on the road that is something that you need to avoid. It might result to an accident if you aren’t careful enough. That is why; most company has their own valet to park the cars of their guests. They would want to take the danger of parking away from their clients. That way, their clients would be happy and they would always comeback. However, parking is dangerous for the valet for they might get an accident or just lose their job if they are not careful enough.

This game is about parking and the idea here is to park your car as safe as possible. Since you would be handling different cars, you need to make sure that no harm shall come to the cars that you are driving. Of course, the latter is easier said than done since you are the one that is going to park the cars. In this game, you won’t be handling just one car at a time since you would need o park three or more cars on the same level. The game has a timer, so you would need to hurry up if you want to be able to get to the next level.

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