Parking Lot 3

Driving is already a skill and you need it if you want to own a car. No you can’t even go outside if you don’t know how to drive. You would surely get into trouble if you don’t know how to drive. Once that you learned how to drive then you can enjoy a ride on your new car. However, another skill that you need to learn is parking and you should be able to learn it immediately since you would need to do that in tight places. The city is filled with lots of car and there would be lots of opportunity to park your car.

In this game, you need to park your car as quickly as possible. You need to drive in tight spots. You would only have a short time to be able to maneuver your car to the parking slot. The idea in this game is to park your car immediately. Try not to bump into anything along the way since that would eat one of your lives. You only have three lives in this game and when you are out of lives then the game would be over. The game gets harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.

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