Taxi Driver from Hell

For someone looking for a job, any job would be better than no job at all. Once that, you have the job then you need to do all the things that would keep your job. In other words, you need to satisfy your boss with your job performance. However, if you came from hell then you need to do all the things that are necessary to be able to keep your job even if that means that you need to join a race that would put yourself in danger. The pay is better than most job since this is a competition and you get paid for driving fast. Of course, you do need to understand that all the contestants are fast driver and you need to beat them to get the cash.

In this game, you need to drive like crazy since you need to win the race. You need to get to the finish line as fast as you can, making sure that you would be the one to make it there before they do. Of course, you would need some skills, but since this is just a game, you just need to remember where and when to turn right or left in the game and you should be on your way to winning the game.

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