Car Yard 2

You are happy with your life enjoying your house. Relaxing a bit while watching some /TV show, when you heard a loud knock at the door. When you got outside, you learned there is a cop out to get you. He want to arrest you without explaining your rights, so you know that this is illegal. You decided to escape and you went on to several adventure. Off course the danger is always there, but you couldn’t care less for now since you need to escape. You don’t want to get arrested for now since you don’t even know what you have done wrong. It might be that they just want to salvage you or something.

This game is played with a mouse only. The idea here is to choose which action you would take. Getting out of those situation depends upon your choices. If you make the wrong choice then the game is over, but if you chose the right one then you would continue with the game. The whole game is about making a decision, so better keep your hand on the mouse. You need to make a decision fast since the timer is short and if you aren’t able to make a decision fast, the game would end instantly.

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