Parking Fury Game

If we want to own a car, one of the few thing that we need to master is to part the car carefully. This would have save you lots of trouble. You might think that this is not an issue since you see a lot of people parking their car like nothing. But, those people have lots of practice and that they are very careful while parking their car. If you are not careful enough then you might crash into something. You would need to pay for the damage that you have done. Worse is that you would lose your life because of the accident.

This game is all about parking. Actually, you won’t own a car here as you just need to park them as fast and as carefully as possible. You only have a few life and when all that is gone then you lose the game. Each time you bump into something in this game, you would lose half of your star. You need to be careful while driving the automobile that is your challenge. If you are able to park the car, then another car nearby would get activated. The game gets more exciting and challenging as you make some progress.

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