Carbon Auto Thief

You are one of the best car thief in this country, but it seems that your earnings won’t be enough. You got two kids and a demanding wife, you need to make more money. The only way you know to make money is to steal some cars. You know that you need to do better than the last time. This would make you an ideal candidate for the best car thief in the world. This award is not publicly since no one wants to be in trouble. The statistics is pointing to you as one of the best. If you win the contest, you know that there would be prizes at stake, which would increase your income.

In this game, the idea is to steal a car successfully. Of course, you do know that you need to do it without mistake since you would end up in jail if you fail. Fortunately, this is just a game and you do know that you aren’t really a thief. However, this game is not easy since you need to punch the right code to unlock the car. After that, you need to drive it all the way out of the parking area. Only then, you can be considered as successful.

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