Crash N Smash Derby

If someone says that you would make lots of money, would you immediately jump in. What if that means you be endangering yourself in the process. Surely, that would count as a dangerous and you might lose your life. Well, some people don’t care about their life and would quickly join a derby even if that means that they would get killed. Of course, no one would want to kill anyone in a derby race, but accidents do happen and that is something that you need to get prepared. So, you need to buy an upgrade for your car to make sure that the unthinkable never happened in the first place. Even if you are brace, adding those extra components would mean something to you if you are going to participate in a derby.

In this game, the idea is to survive, but that won’t be easy since the other contestants would be ganging up on you. You need to put them down before they can put you down. When you bump into other cars, you would make money since that means that you damage them, but you don’t always so that, there are times that they would make damage on your car. That is why; it is important to buy those upgrades.

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