Wheely 5: Armageddon

Wheely goes outside to trim his garden while his wife was watching TV. As he does his job, the weed trimmer broke and Wheely just know that he needed to get one. He arrive at the store and he found one, but as he was inspecting it, a meteor suddenly drops on them and the weed trimmer got destroyed. Sadly, Wheely don’t know what to do, so he got out of the store. Fortunately, he knows where he could find another one, but it is a long way. While he was on his way, as if the traffic is not enough to piss him; one of the meteors has broken the bridge. Again, Wheely was able to get out of there as he is very resilient.

This game is a thinking game, wherein you would need to make some decision. Fortunately, in most part of the game, you would not need to hurry up with your decision, but you would get to that part that you need to decide quickly. Each level, you would need to do that as that is what the game is all about. If you have time, you can look for some bonus such as the wheel and the toy car. Both of which, would give you with some bonus points.

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