Vehicles 3: Car Toons

Bad guys are everywhere and you can’t stop them since they have some connections. Fortunately, some cops are going to the rescue. They would not hesitate to fight off these bad guys on the streets. For them, it is all in the good days work. They are not asking for anything else, but to make sure that you would be among the people that would be worth to protect. They would be glad to put their lives at risk, whenever you are in trouble. These cops are dedicated and would surely be among the ones that you can rely upon whenever there are trouble.

In this game, you would control the good guys, so to say, you would not only be the cop, but a lot of good guys. The game is all about cars and so, you would represent a car. The idea here is to follow the instructions in the game. You would know what to do from watching what is needed to do. There are bad guys that you need to kick some but, so try to watch what you need to do so you would have the right idea. The game needs you to think since that is the challenge of the game.

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