Highway Zombies

No one know where the zombies came from, but all we know is that we need to avoid them since they would feast on us humans. Zombies are brainless and they don’t care whomever they eat. For them, eating just mean that they are able to satisfy their hunger. These guys are always hungry and is always on a hunt for their next victims. What is bad about it is that the people that they have eaten would eventually come back to life to join their fellow zombies. Clearly, we are in danger and we need to kill them in sight since we would be hunted. Even if you are in a car, you won’t be safe wince they would gang up on you till they get you.

In this game, the idea is to get as far as you can. You can extend your fuel supply by getting more fuels on the road. Since there would be lots of zombies, it is almost impossible to get around them. At one point, you would need to crash your car to kill some zombies. However, that would damage your car, but fear not since there are lots of those repair kits on the road.

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