Roadkill Revenge Game

You and your friends are just living your own lives far away from the busy road of the city. One day, while see a green grass over the other side of the road. He want to get there since he knows that those grass would be great for eating. However, he didn’t see the speeding car and he got hit. He died instantly and the driver didn’t even stop to look at what he hits. Your friend was a victim of a road kill. There was no one around, so no one could tell who do it. One thing is certain, crime like this is just common and this is not the first incident. You got really mad and you start building your car – a car that is made for destruction.

This game is all about destruction. The whole game is about destroying things. Each destruction you cause, you would earn some money. The challenge depends upon each level as it is always changing. One thing would not change is the fact that you need to destroy lots of vehicles. The challenge would get even harder as you make some progress. If you can’t fulfill the challenge then you would fail the game.

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