Ace Taxi: Metroville

Your friend was the owner of a taxi franchise, but that was long time ago. Now, he only owns just one since he had sold the rest. Fortunately, it is still in good working condition. When you can’t find a job, you asked him if you can be a taxi driver and he agreed, provided that you would need to give him fifty percent of your earnings for the day. You know that this is a great deal and you aren’t sure if you can find a deal better than this. You accepted it and your job as a taxi driver starts. As a taxi driver, you need to search the city for some passengers.

In this game, you need to drive the passengers to their destination. Don’t worry as this is not for free since you would get paid for dropping them off to their destination. To find some customers, all you need is to look for those people with the green circle around them. Get as close to them as much as possible. Once, they have entered the taxi, you need to drop them off to their destination. After that, you would get paid. Remember to avoid some accidents since the taxi would crash eventually if it can’t too much damage.

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