Scooby Doo Car Chase

Scooby and his gang are a bunch of curious kids. But that not mean that they would go beyond of what is needed to stop crime. They would fist investigate things that are strange and when they found out that someone is committing a crime then they would go into action. At least that is the protocol that they are following. They would run if they are being chase by the evil-doers even though they are not scared it would be best not to have a confrontation if they are not sure. In one of their investigation, they found out that these guys are a group of criminals that are harassing the law abiding people on the street. They can’t stand it so they have taken action and put the law into their own hands. They know what to do and that is to ram the suspect’s car till it is destroyed.

In this game, you need to ram the vehicle till it is destroyed. But before that you would need to find the target. Most of the time, it would take three hours or more till you find the suspect. It is indicated in the upper portion of the game how far the suspect is. You would know when you see the suspect’s car since it would be highlighted.

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