Stunt Driver 2

Finding a job is not as easy as you can say it since lots of people are looking for it. If you manage to find one, you need to prove that you are worthy thus, you can keep it for a longer time. You might not be always lucky to find another job that easy. It would be best to do your best to keep it. There are many people getting hungry on the streets that they would want your job. If you didn’t want your job, there are other people that would want it. Your employer would not hesitate to find one to replace you. As a stunt driver, Dave knows that he can get replaced anytime, so he needed to do what he can to prove that he is a needed in the film industry.

In this game, you need to get a further to make extra cash. The idea here is that if you can go further then, you would make more. The game is played with a keyboard. There are lots of ways to make cash in this game as you can do so with the distance you manage to travel or just pick up some coins on the air. You can use the money to buy some upgrades for your car.

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