Carbon Auto Theft

We all know that life is tough and if we aren’t going to college then it would be harder than it is already is. You need education so that you would get a better job and people would not look down on you. You might be one of the hardest working guy in the group, but if you are not educated sorry to say that the world isn’t interested in you. You didn’t graduate from college and that is why, you can’t get a decent job. You land yourself a job as a car thief. You like your job since you are making lots of money, but you know that this kind of work is dangerous since you might get shot or get jail time.

In this game, the idea is to get out of the area. You are a thief in this game and you need to make sure that cops can’t capture you. There are two ways that you can get caught. First, if can’t unlock the security code of the car and the second one is if you manage to bump the car. Of course, we all know that cops are always in the area, so the third one is obvious and it got something to do with time.

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