Dead Paradise Game

You like your job since you have been waiting for that kind of job most of your life. You have studied so hard that you invested your time in it. Upon graduation, you didn’t get the job that you want as you need to work your way through. There are a lot of stairs to climb in the company. There are so many people that are better than you, but you tried your best and at long last, your boss took pity on you and put you in the position that you always wanted. One day, while you were driving, you see something flashing. That was the start of the Great War. 10 years later, you are just a driver who wants to get to the paradise.

In this game, the idea is to get to the safe point, but that won’t be easy since there are lots of enemies along the way. You need to fight back. The firing is automatic as in you just need to point the gun where the enemy is and it would start shooting. Your firearm is limited so you need to pick up some bullets. Also, fuel and repair kit would be valuable.

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