Road of the Dead

The world is coming to an end as the zombies came out form nowhere. No one really knew what started this, but they all knew that they need to get out of that place. The bad thing is that the government close out the exit point of that road. They don’t want any of those undead living. They are not sure if anyone of the people are infected so they decided to shoot anyone leaving their house. Upon hearing the announcement, you know that going out the city would be tough, but rewarding. You might get eaten if you stay in the city, but if you go out and try to escape, you would be shot to dead. Either way, you would die and you have chosen to get out of the city since you would have a fighting chance.

In this game, the idea is to get out of the city. Each mileage you reach would let you earn more rpm, which is crucial since it can be used to upgrade your car. However, getting out the city won’t be that easy since there are zombies and the military would be shooting you as you try to escape. Don’t’ worry, since you would gain rpm per try and you can use it to upgrade your car. So, you would get a better performance each time you try to escape. Of course, your driving skills would also play a big role in this game.

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